The Element Series
Is Finally Here!

The ELEMENT Series is Finally Here!

By: Cashion Crew Member, Ian Hayes

We knew something was coming for about the last month or so from Cashion Fishing Rods. Guess what? It’s here! Introducing the new ELEMENT Series from Cashion Fishing Rods!

You may be asking yourself, “how is it different from the ICON Series or the CORE Series?”

Well, Cashion has yet again stayed true to its core value of being an American made company and offering the ELEMENT Series rods at a price point not ever seen before. The CR4r blanks and assembled rods are all made and assembled at Cashion Rods in Sanford, NC. No other company offers an American made product at a retail price of $129.95!

I had the opportunity to get a couple of ELEMENT Series rods in my hands and test them out on the water. All I can say is wow! The ELEMENT Series rods are very lightweight and durable. The rod features a new blue color finish which is different from the normal black finish from the other series by Cashion. There are cork grips on these rods instead of the carbon fiber grips like the ICON and CORE Series. When comparing the ELEMENT Series to the ICON Series, I can see a small difference in the guides as they are bigger in the new series. Customers were asking for size 5 running guides and Cashion delivered. Also, I can’t forget to mention the new Cashion Rods logo and the American Flag right above the reel seat on the rods.

If you know me, you know I like to throw chatterbaits and frogs (hollow or soft plastic) whenever the situation presents itself on the water. Well, I got to test out the Multi-Purpose and Frog concepts in the ELEMENT Series, and I was not disappointed to say the least.

The sensitivity in the ELEMENT Multi-Purpose Rod is unreal. I could feel the vibration and every thump. The rod tip was flexible and soft enough to skip the bait underneath overhanging trees, and there was plenty of backbone in the rod to drive the hook.

The ELEMENT Frog Rod will get a lot of work done for me in the next month or so, as frog season will be at its peak! This rod is a little shorter than the frog rod in the ICON series, but it still packs a punch. I was very impressed with the whipping action I got when throwing the smaller hollow body frogs and the Z-Man Goat Toadz, as it felt

effortless! The bigger hollow body frogs could be bombed a mile, and when the fish blows up on it, there is plenty of power to set the hook and keep the fish coming through all that grass.

This is a very small snippet from the ELEMENT Series, but Cashion will have a total of 13 ELEMENT models (10 casting and 3 spinning). Again, with the price point that has been set for the ELEMENT Series, Cashion will be able to target a specific part of the fishing rod market. The future looks bright for Cashion, and I’m excited for this new series!

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