Cashion Rod Combos and Expert Advice: 3 Great Options for Matching Baits, Rods, and Reels

Looking for rod combos that actually work with timely techniques? Here are 3 important options every angler should consider.

1. Rod Combos for Finesse Fishing

In this highlight, we have more than a hot combo; we have new rods and brand new reels ready for you to put to work!

First, the new reel: the Daiwa Tatula Bait Finesse Baitcasting Reel (BF 70). When you read about the engineering and specs, you’ll see why it’s first on the list. Plus, it’s a killer combo with any choice of our popular BFS rods.

These rods are some you might have seen before, but the ELEMENT Series Bait Finesse System is brand new, so it’s worth checking out to see how you can get awesome performance for this technique at an awesome price.

2. Rod Combos for Swimbaits

Whether you’re a tournament angler or a weekender, swimbaits are a great option to keep ready. There are all kinds of options with them, too, from designs and action features that help you match the hatch, additional options for rigging, and ways to use them to reach bass at a variety of depths.

The Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel looks particularly slick with the ICON John Crews rods and it’s an excellent performance-match for each option.

3. Rod Combos for Versatility and Multi-Purpose Use

What do you do when you can only take a few rods with you? It can be a surprising challenge to narrow down your favorite rods, especially in a transitional time of year. 

Thankfully, Cashion’s Multi-Purpose rods are incredibly versatile and we’ve painstakingly handcrafted them so they perform with excellence for a variety of options you might throw at them, or rather, options you might throw with them.

Casting Rod Combo Options

Each of these Cashion Multi-Purpose Casting Rods goes great with a Daiwa Tatula 100 Baitcasting Reel.

Spinning Rod Combo Options

Try the Daiwa Tatula TTUMQLT2500D-X for each of these Cashion Multi-Purpose Spinning Rods.

What Reels Do You Love to Pair with Your Cashions?

Sound off on social media to let us know what rod combos you love! As anglers, we’re always looking for ways to improve, from the way we handcraft our own rods to the reels and baits that we use with them. Every little adjustment helps so we can keep those rods bent and make great memories along the way!

And if you’re looking to hook up with some of our newest additions, be sure to check the link in the button below.

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