Cashion Guide Program

Cashion Guide Program Application

Cashion Guide Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Cashion Guide Program. If you truly believe in Cashion Rods with the purpose of growing Cashion Rods is the ONLY reason you should submit this application. We take our Guide Program selections very serious. We truly believe that being a part of the Cashion Guide Program is an honor and we only accept a limited number of respected members from each community.

We limit the number of Guides to what is needed and make this an exclusive group. Our goal is to create a tight-knit community of the most talented and respected guides and captains so that we may both benefit from our partnership. We care more about your moral character than fishing ability, as well as your dedication and loyalty. We request that you submit this application ONLY if you are serious about joining the Cashion Guide Program and the dedication that requires.

Business/ Company Address
What type of tours do you typically guide?
If Yes, Please list which rods
If Yes, Provide a link to the video. Describe your role in producing the video, i.e. did you film, edit, produce?
If Yes, which stores and locations?
Name, Email, Phone, & Relationship to you

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