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Cashion Mission: The Cashion mission is to create American-made Cashion branded and OEM fishing rods with uncompromising value and durability that are delivered to our customers with the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Cashion Company Values: Cashion Rods is grounded in Christian values of humility, honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, and a sense of community responsibility. We strive to create eternal value by honoring God in all we do. This is reflected in how Cashion conducts our business and how we care for our team — our greatest asset.

Cashion’s Materials Laboratory is obsessed on the molecular level

Cashion Fishing Rods was founded in 2010 by Dr. Matthew Cashion.  Dr. Cashion earned a Ph.D in chemistry with concentration in polymer science from Virginia Tech.

Why design fishing rods? Dr. Cashion’s research experience and expertise lies at the interface of advanced adhesives and continuous fibers.  “The composite interface is the most important juncture of a fishing rod blank.  Fiber encapsulation with the epoxy matrix influence the flexural and compression strength of composite blanks.” says Dr. Cashion.  What does this mean? The details matter. A fishing rod’s strength and performance depends on how well the fibers bond with the epoxy surrounding them.

When you’re trying to decide which rod brand you want and performance matters, what are the factors?  Is it Sensitivity? Rod weight? Durability? Price? I’m sure your answer is yes to each of these, but at Cashion Fishing Rods, it’s all the above.

At Cashion, it starts and ends with the people.  Cashion Rods are built by the best rod and blank builders on the planet. Every Cashion blank and finished rod passes through a 33-point quality control inspection before it leaves the factory.

Cashion blanks, grips, rod covers, and finished rods are truly MADE IN AMERICA.

Blanks Made in House –

Cashion Carbon Fiber fishing rod blanks are designed and manufactured in Sanford, NC. Cashion stands for American made, material science technology, and the craftsmen to build detailed oriented carbon fiber fishing rod blanks. Cashion is obsessed with attention to detail, especially at the molecular level. Cashion carbon blank design is focused at the molecular level to utilize epoxies that excel at encapsulating and physically bonding to high performance carbon fiber.

MATERIAL SCIENCE is at the heart of everything Cashion designs and builds

  • CR6r fishing rod blanks are Made in the USA
  • CR6r are made with high performance carbon fiber pre-preg that is sourced in the USA
  • CR6r fishing rod blanks have a raw finish
  • Raw finish provides a protective epoxy encapsulation on the fishing rod blank surface to protect carbon fibers
  • Raw finish increases impact resistance
  • Raw finish provides a premium quality finish for high-end look
  • Proprietary Weight Reduction (PWR) Engineering – Novel reinforcing strategy to increase hoop strength but reduce weight
  • Novel epoxy matrix designed with:
    • Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB) – AIB is a combination of mechanical and additive technology to create ultra high bond strength at the interface of carbon fiber and epoxy matrix
    • High Tg Epoxy (HTE) formulation with AIB – Novel epoxy with impressive mechanical properties and high modulus for increased blank sensitivity
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