Cashion Rods Tour Rules

(a) All Local, State & Federal penal code laws shall apply at all times.

(b) All Local, State, Coast Guard, and Federal boating regulations shall apply at all times.

  1. MEMBERSHIP – Membership not required for 2024
  2. PARTNERS – Teams consist of two (2) anglers. Single anglers will be allowed to enter a Cashion Rods Tour (CRT) event. At least 1 member must be 18 years of age. Each angler must possess a valid fishing license.
  3. SUBS – If fishing more than one CRT event you may fish with a substitute partner.
  4. HOLE SITTING – A team having someone who is a competitor or non-competitor sitting on a location for the sole purpose of holding the location for the team will be disqualified. This rule violation will result in the competitors and non-competitors being banned from any and all future CRT events.
  5. START TIME – The majority of CRT events will begin at safe daylight and end after 8 hrs per flight unless weather is a factor.
  6. TROLLING OR LONG LINING – Trolling or Long Lining will not be allowed at any CRT event and will result in disqualification. No live bait is allowed. All fish must be caught on rod/reel and artificial bait. Only one rod may be used at any one time by contestant. Other rods may be in the boat for substitute purposes.
  7. LIMITS – CRT Opens have a 5 bass limit. Length limits will be determined by State length rule in effect for the tournament lake. When it is your turn to measure fish, you will be given the opportunity to ask for a courtesy measurement. If you accept and a fish measures short, the fish will be removed from your limit, but you will not receive a penalty. If you decline the courtesy measurement and a fish measures short YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.Penalty for a dead fish is half pound penalty off the total weigh. Half pound penalty will not be subtracted from a teams Big Fish but will be deducted from the teams total weight. A team bringing more than 5 bass to the scales will results in loss of the teams Big Fish. A team must have a working livewell.
  8. BLAST-OFF POSITIONS – Blast-off position is determined by order of payment.

    9A – There is not an off limit period for any CRT event. (time)

    9B – Areas of a lake that will be off limits are all areas designated off limits by the state DNR. 2

    9C – Any areas that are not accessible by boat are off limits plus any areas specified by CRT as off limits on any given lake.

    9D – All Marinas are off limits. A team will be disqualified if rule 9 is violated.

  10. CULL RULE – Cull when limit of 5 fish is reached. Not culling at this time will result in disqualification.
  11. TIES – Each team will have a Big Fish weighed in order to break a total weight tie for first place. If there is a tie for a lower place the 2 places prize will be combined and the amount split equally between the two teams. Total weight will break a Big Fish tie.
  12. LATE PENALTY – One (1) pound per minute will be deducted from a teams total weight for each minute the team is late. Returning to the ramp more than 15 minutes past the designated weigh-in time will result in disqualification.
  13. POLYGRAPH – Winners and participants are subject to a polygraph exam at any CRT event. Any angler who has failed a polygraph exam in the past 15 years will not be allowed to enter a CRT event. Refusal to take a polygraph for any reason will result in disqualification.
  14. ALCOHOL, ILLEGAL DRUGS – No alcohol or illegal drugs during tournament hours.
  15. WEATHER – In the event of heavy fog, lightning, heavy rain or any other weather related problems, the Director can postpone or cancel the tournament. In the event of high winds, trailering will be an option. This decision will be made by the CRT Director.
  16. CELL PHONE – Cell phones may be used during tournament hours for family, business and emergency calls. No cell phone discussions pertaining to fishing during tournament hours.
  17. PAYBACK & ENTRY FEES – Pre-paid entrys are non-refundable.

    17A – *The CRT tournaments will be paid back based on One in five.

    17B – Big Fish payout is 100%.

  18. LIFE JACKET & KILL SWITCH – Each must be in use while big motor is in operation. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Life vest must be Coast Guard approved. Excessive speed and reckless driving will result in disqualification.
  19. OVERPOWERING – Any boat equipped with a motor exceeding the Coast Guard approved rating for the boat will not be allowed for use in a CRT event. The decision will be determined by the Tournament Director.
  20. GAS CAN & JUGS – No gas can be placed on the bank for use in a CRT event. Gas can not be brought to a team for the sole purpose of enabling the team to advance to other fishing areas or in order to travel back to the weigh in location. Gas may be obtained 3 from a marina that is available to all participants. One (1) extra gas tank with fittings will be allowed in the boat during tournament hours.
  21. ASSISTANCE (Break Down) – If a team receives assistance from a competitor or non competition it must be brought to the Directors attention for approval. If possible a phone call should be made to the Director to receive clearance for any help a team receives during tournament hours. If a call cannot be made the instance must be brought to the Directors attention before weigh-in. One team member can return to the weigh-in with the teams catch in another competitors boat or non competitors boat. A team member can exit the boat in case of the call of nature, emergency or paying for gas. A team member cannot exit the boat in order to advance the boat into a fishing area.
  22. PROTEST – All protest should be made to the CRT Director. All CRT Directors decisions are final.
  23. Right of Refusal – CRT reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason which will be determined by the Director.
  24. Firearms – No firearms allowed in contestant’s boat during tournament hours. This rule is not applicable to sworn law enforcement officers and/or fish and wildlife officers.
  25. Boat Inspection – All contestants, by entering this tournament(s), hereby agree to allow their boats to be boarded and inspected by tournament officials at any time during the tournament(s), to include, but not limited to, their boat registration, Insurance certificate stating a minimum of $300,000 in liability insurance, Coast Guard horsepower rating plate, live well, rod boxes, closed storage compartments, tackle boxes, life jackets, PFDs and safety equipment.
  26. Weigh in – if you disagree with your weight you can ask for a reweigh. Once you walk away from the scale the weight is final.
  27. Scales closed – Once the scales have been announced closed, there will be no more weigh ins. Three announcements will be made and weigh in should be done in a timely manner
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