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  • ICON John Crews Frog Rod

    The John Crews ICON Frog rod was built for the slop. Made to pull those pigs out of the thickest of grass and Lilly pads. This frog rod was created with enough back-bone that can stand up to anything. The 7’ Heavy action rod has the perfect amount of tip to allow you to cast with pinpoint accuracy, but not sacrifice distance. You will not want to leave for Guntersville without the John Crews ICON frog rod in your boat locker.


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  • ICON Frog Rod

    Every year always hold that special time that legendary places like Lake Guntersville are known for. When you hear that braid screaming off your spool. You look out onto the lake and see nothing but matted grass or Lilly pads and that puts a grin on your face. That is right, we are talking about frog fishing! There is nothing better than a big bass exploding on your frog like a shark after its meal; But there is one thing you need to have for bone jarring hooksets… Power and the Cashion ICON Frog rod has more than enough power you could ever ask for, with perfect tip for controlled casting. When the fish get on a frog bite, you don’t want to leave your Cashion ICON Frog Rod at home!


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